Oct 24, 2009

Pretty Monarch Butterfly

It is that time of the year... Summer finally gives up and Fall starts taking over. The days get shorter, the wind gets cooler, the whole weather seems crisper, chillier.

Every year, around this time, we get the Monarch Butterfly migration. Thousands and thousands of butterflies fly South towards warmer weather. For me, this has marked the official end of a season and the beginnings of another. Ever since I was a little girl, I have been fascinated by the butterflies migrating.

This morning I took Sally for a walk, and saw a butterfly struggling on the ground. It was by a tree, and it fluttered its wings time and time again, walking from one place to another. I think I spend about a good hour watching it. All those pretty spots and orange rust colors! I had to take some photos of it too.

I went out about an hour ago, and was a little sad to see it wasn't there anymore, but at the same time happy that it has flown away. At least that is what I hope so, that it has reunited with its mates in their journey.

God speed and good luck, little friend!


  1. What did Sally think about the Monarch? My Evie is super intriqued by butterflies! She chases them in the backyard as they fly through! Enjoy your walks!

  2. What a beautiful creature! Sounds like you had a great walk.

  3. Michelle, the butterfly was on the ground, and I thought it might be injured, since it was flapping its wings but not flying. Sally was curious and got close to sniff, but I got concerned and told her to back down.

    Sally does love to chase flies and butterflies too!


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