Oct 7, 2009

Meet Sally!

This is Sally, my 3-year old Cocker Spaniel girl. She is one of the loves of my life and a very important part of it, so I may mention her sometimes around here.

One thing that I have noticed in Sally is how happy she is! She is a constant tail wagger, and has the happiest disposition. I was used to having a grumpy Schnauzer and some high-strung Chihuahuas, and Sally is just a breath of fresh air with her happiness.

Her favorite things in life are going outside and just walking in the grass, sniffing every single blade I might add, squeaky toys, looking out the window at the passerby, sleeping on my bed and people food.

So here she is, my little golden puppy girl!


  1. Sally is so beautiful and such a lovely shiny coat.

    My dog (labrador) would love to play with her - he has a thing about spaniels!

  2. Thanks! Sally has lots of friends here. I swear this condo complex is like a dog park sometimes...

    Blue Forest, your labrador is welcome to come on over! Or we could go there...


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