Oct 14, 2009

My newest obsession, Etsy Treasuries

I discovered a nifty little feature on Etsy about two weeks ago. The Treasury.

The Treasury is a place where members do a showcase of items they like, based on a theme, these showcases are called Treasuries. Some of them even make it to the Home page!

Treasuries are a great way to get publicity as well, for the curator of the treasury and also for the sellers whose items are showcased, so getting a treasury is a very big deal at etsy, and the adrenaline rush and high you get while waiting for the elusive little rectangle to show up can be quite a trip. I have done two treasuries so far, and since I have run out of inspiration today, I will instead brag and write about them here on my blog. :)

This is the first Treasury I made, which I titled Autumn on Fire! I based it around Autumn and all the gorgeous fall colors with the foliage at this time of year. I also included some items that I loved and that I would love to go back and buy!

This is the second treasury I created. I based it on the color purple, which is one of my favorites. So much that I'm even basing my whole business concept around it. Sorry for the two missing items, one was a wonderful Christmas tree ornament and the other was a gorgeous, gorgeous amethyst ring. Didn't notice that the photos hadn't loaded yet when I took that screen shot!

And this is a treasury where I had the pleasure of being featured. Thank you so much to Sandy, of the Earring Boutique! You can find her etsy store Here

If you want to learn how to make your own treasury, and experience the fun for yourself, you can read this post by Rachel Lucie. Have fun!

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