Oct 9, 2009

Housing situation and upcoming remodeling project

So I happen to live in a really nice condo complex. I fell in love the minute I saw it for the first time, and at that time, never realized actually living here would be a possibility for me as I lived in another city.

The opportunity came up to move, and there was a house here I could take, right next to the one owned by my parents. I'm renting and had an option to buy, however after a lot of negotiations with the owners, we never came to an agreement.

I will be moving to my parents' home, and they bought a property to invest already, so everything is good. I have an architect and a crew waiting, but the tennants haven't left yet, despite the contract expiring more than a month ago!

So, as soon as they move out, I will be starting a complete interior renovation (the exterior is gorgeous, plus we have rules here on not modifying it), and will post lots and lots of before, process and after pics. Stay tuned!

I live in the house on the left, moving to the one on the right.

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