Oct 19, 2009

The Amethyst Necklace

So I had about half of a strand of these gorgeous faceted amethysts left. I bought the strand years ago, and made a necklace for myself, the one you see in the title heading of this blog. I liked it so much, that I made another one just like it to sell.

I was looking at these beads, with their deep, rich purple color, and thought to myself that they would look great wire wrapped into a necklace, so I set myself to work. After I was done with them, I had a 16" necklace left. My neck takes 18 inches!

I wanted to keep this one for myself so bad, but I just don't know how to add extra lenght and make it look good, so up it goes for sale. I got 4 amethyst strands at the bead shop the other day, and maybe, just maybe I'll have to do something to console myself. I'm thinking a 36" long necklace with the 6mm smooth round beads. What do you think?


  1. That long strand sounds lovely. You should make it and treat yourself :)

  2. Yeah, I will... I just need to get more wire now! I have enough left for just a couple pairs of earrings!


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