Oct 4, 2009

A little about me

Hi there! Welcome! Please come in and make yourself at home...

I was born and raised in Monterrey, Mexico, in a wonderful part named San Pedro. Monterrey is surrounded by wonderful mountains and I love how it is a very big city, yet still has that small town feel sometimes.

I am the oldest of 3, went to the same school all my life, until I went to college. I studied graphic design, only to graduate and go on working as a kitchen designer.

I have 2 kids. I divorced my husband several years ago, and now live with my kids and my dog, Sally. They are the loves of my life! I would to meet a new guy someday, but it is not a priority.

I love art, jewelry, and color in general. I can get crayon or marker boxes and just stare at the pretty colors all day long!

Anyway, I am so happy you are reading this and I hope you enjoy this blog!

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