Oct 9, 2009

Having a bit of a hard time today

I sell on etsy.com. I haven't mentioned that, but I will now. :) I make wire wrapped jewelry with pearls and beads and stuff. You can see it at www.veronicarstudio.etsy.com

Anyway, More than a week ago, I ordered my gift boxes, some gold filled wire and clasps. I needed them at the time, and now, it is verging on urgency. They still haven't arrived.

Then, I got the inspiration to make a necklace and some earrings. Well, it turns out that the pearls I had left for my focal in the necklace were all the damaged ones that come in the strand (out of a full strand, there are some that don't make it to jewelry, at least mine). Ok, necklace project scrapped... On to some earrings. I had the hardest time picking out beads that were a close match, which is a high priority for me. Earring project scrapped.

I just hope that my supplies arrive because I have some pending projects that I can make with that!

This is my work space. It is a little nook in my home that is located just coming out of the staircase.


  1. how do you fit in such small space? I always work with jewelry on my bead, as I really need to spread out all the beads and see them when making a new design. Working on jewelry in front of the computer would not work for me:)

  2. It is cramped, and I used to haul my stuff to the dining room and back, but since this is such as small home and I keep all my supplies in boxes in my closet, the computer desk is a very short haul.

    And my next venture will require me to set up a full jeweler's bench! me thinks that is going in my bedroom. I am getting a new cabinet to keep my jewelry stuff though.


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