Nov 9, 2009

It gets ugly before it looks pretty, right?

Well, it has been one week. I started this adventure last Monday morning, and here we are, 1 week later!

The house is a mess, floors are covered in plastic, old carpet renmants and cardboard. The mess is evident and dust is flying everywhere! The kitchen and bathrooms are getting gutted, old tile came out, electrical outlets are being moved and light switches being relocated.

Remember the family room? It had a 36" wide doorway right in the middle of this wall, and a tiny wall area on each side. They just opened up a big hole in the wall, and they are bringing in new masonry block to close off the original doorway, making the new doorway to the right of the room, getting me a good amount of wall space to put nice furniture for my TV in.

The kitchen. I spent two hours on Friday with the electrician, moving outlets and planning stuff. See my naked walls!

New oulets already moved!
DD's bathroom, naked as well. Now that I see the space, I'm thinking I might want to move some things, basically, make the shower stall smaller and give her more sink space. She will thank me later!

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