Nov 7, 2009

A Christmas Carol

I took my kids to see Jim Carrey's A Christmas Carol today. Our school's parents association did a fundraiser showing, and they bought out the matinee hour.
The kids were so excited! I wanted to see this, since it seems to be the big Holiday movie this year. Well it was so-so. Not bad, but not great either.
First, the movie was very dark. I know, at that time there was no electricity and there was only candlelight, but the general aesthethic of the movie was dark. And I mean dark! Then, I'm not really a fan of the story. Sorry Charles Dickens, but I have never been fond of this story. The message is good, just not for me.
But what I really wanted to caution my readers about is to think twice if you are taking young children! I have a 12 year old and a 9 year old, and both got scared during the ghost from Christmas Future part. Even I got scared! The grim reaper was extremely realistic! The ghost from Christmas Past was kind of weird too.
So, if you want to see it, great! Just know that it has some really, really scary parts and that young children might get nightmares from it.

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