Nov 8, 2009

Home Remodel -Day 3, everything comes off!

The crew arrived at 9am sharp on Monday morning, even though it was Dia de los Muertos, and it was a holiday (no schools, government offices and banks). They arrived, toolboxes in hand, ready to take on the work.

They took out all the bathroom fixtures and accesories and uninstalled my kitchen cabinets and countertops, leaving just the bare walls, so the tile can come off.

So, here is what is left of the powder room. We are making a new bathroom for my son, so all the new pipes and hidraulic installtion will run through the powder room, since his bedroom is right on top!

My daughter's bathroom.

Master bath. I love the huge window in the shower, and I hate the huge window in the shower... It is wood (who, on their sane mind would put wood in a shower window?????), and it is rotting, so I get to shop for a new window too.

Kichen. Just the walls are left. We are moving some light switches and electrical outlets around. They will also be installing a duct for a range hood.

My kitchen in a pile on the dining room. I just hope it survives with the least damage possible!

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